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Club membership

Regent Point Yacht Club activities include both social events and cruising events.
Click here to see the Regent Point Yacht Club Brochure


The club has two classes of membership:  

  • Voting Membership which requires being a Regent Point Marina slipholderVoting Members can participate in club events, hold positions on the Board, and vote on the club's business.

  • Associate Membership which has no real requirements. Associate Members can participate in club events only. 


Dues are payable annually and the membership runs from February 1-January 31 of the following year. The Membership Application/Renewal form is available here and it is posted on the club bulletin board, outside the bath house at the marina.


About the Regent Point Yacht Club Burgee


The burgee is the yacht club flag. It is properly flown from the masthead or from the flag halyard on the starboard spreader and should be flown any time when you are on your yacht and especially when you are participating in a yacht club function.

The three triangular symbols in the Regent Point Yacht Club burgee represent a group of sails reflecting in the water. The three symbols also depict a sense of togetherness in a cruising club. The design is simple so that it can be readily recognized as Regent Point Yacht Club when being flown.

The burgee has a history, too. Captain and Mrs. Don Hall flew the first one over “Sundancer," a 30' Hunter. They have framed it and presented it to the club. Captain Steve Reeves proudly flew the burgee over “Ashara,” a 27' Tanzer during his singlehanded attempt to sail to California via the Panama Canal. He met with disaster during a storm 60 miles east of Honduras. He was blown onto a reef and his ship sank. He pulled down the burgee and proudly returned it, tattered and torn, to the Yacht Club.

The burgee is a symbol of your club. Fly the it proudly and make your own special memories.


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